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CharityWell is a new type of employee benefit that helps forward-thinking businesses design their own custom nonprofit fund.

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Customized nonprofit funds for companies of any size

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  • Donate to multiple nonprofits and causes at one time
    Add as many nonprofits to your fund as you'd like. Not sure where to start? We're happy to help with recommendations.
  • Administer employee matching programs
    Encourage your employees to get involved by offering a company match based on % of $ amount donated.
  • Add or swap out nonprofits within your fund
    Distribute funds to one time events, natural disasters, or special causes that come up throughout the year.

Consolidate all of your company's donations in one place online for everyone in the organization to see.

Boost your employee benefit package

CharityWell provides regular impact reports so you can see the effect your donations are having on the nonprofits within your fund.
tax efficient
Tax efficient
As soon as you donate on CharityWell, you’re eligible for a tax deduction for your contribution.
We offer PCI compliance and state of the art encryption to make sure your organization’s data is always protected.
88% of Millennials
find their job more fulfilling when they have opportunities to make a positive impact on society.*
80% of nonprofits
have difficulty building strong partnerships with companies and establishing workplace giving strategies.*

How does it work?

Then, you’re up and running

CharityWell proactively manages your donations and distributes your contributions across the nonprofits within your fund. We'll also provide you and your employees with regular reports so you can track the impact of your donation.


We design a custom nonprofit fund tailored for you

All of the nonprofits you choose to support will be combined into your own fund for you and your employees to donate to. And, at the end of the year, we'll email everyone who donated a tax receipt with all of their donations listed.

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We recommend different nonprofits to include in your fund

We extensively research each nonprofit we suggest to make sure your donations go towards funding programs that help those in need, not to inflated admin expenses.

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We learn about your philanthropic goals

We'll first start off by asking you some questions about your current donation strategy. If you have nonprofits you already support, we'd be happy to include them within your fund. We also encourage you to survey your employees to see what types of causes they would like to see within the fund.

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Design your nonprofit fund today

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